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Character Spotlight ~ Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn's Sullivan Crisp

Today the spotlight shines on............................................................Sullivan Crisp

Novelist, Nancy Rue and Radio host and Counsellor, Stephen Arterburn have combined to create the Sullivan Crisp novels with the hope that these stories touch hearts and change lives. Garnering high praise from readers these books are not to be missed.

So here's a look into the life of psychologist Sullivan Crisp, a man who hopes to help heal out of the pain of his own experiences.

Sullivan Crisp

he’s tall and still lanky, even into his forties; he has dark hair which he keeps short lest it end up sticking out at all angles; it tends to do the George Clooney thing without any coaxing. His smile can only be described as
a grin, often going up on one side and then the other. While people often think of him as being somewhat boyish at first, they need only look into his eyes to see the wisdom borne of suffering and sadness that is always there


We nov
elists always think of who would play our protagonist in the movie version, so this one’s easy. I’d go with John Cusack in a heartbeat

Strengths and weaknesses

he is wise, discerning, non-judgmental, w
itty, and has a way of helping people look at their challenges without making them feel like losers; his biggest weakness is his refusal to allow himself the same faults and failures as he does everyone else. He is also addicted to Starbucks frappuccinos.


his game show theology

Your inspiration for the character

there have been so many; Steve Arterburn himself, of course; Dr. Dale McElhinney, our psychotherapy consultant; the three therapists I have worked with in my o
wn journey, all of them gifted; God, at the core of Sully

Background to the story

basically Steve and I wanted to write novels that take people down the dark paths, to the deepest part of themselves, where God has the answers. We just wanted to help people heal.

Thanks so much, Nancy for putting this insight together ~ much appreciated!

The second Sullivan Crisp novel released in December, 2008.

Here's t
he synopsis for Healing Waters which is my book club's September 2009 selection. I can't wait!

Overweight, introverted Lucia Coffey has always stood outside the spotlight of her Christian celebrity sister Sonia Cabot, but when Sonia is involved in a devastating accident, Lucia is thrust into that limelight – where she makes some shocking, life-changing discoveries about her sister, her marriage, and herself. Dr. Sullivan Crisp is her guide as he, too, continues his journey of discovery. Their soul-wrenching examination of faith and suffering exacts a great sacrifice from Lucia and a no-turning-back decision for Sully.

Tune in on Thursday for a spotlight from author and friend across the Pacific, Tamara Leigh as she shares about Maizy Grace from Faking Grace.

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Anonymous said...

Healing Stones was a thought provoking read I really enjoyed. It stayed with me for long afterwards. I am really looking forward to Healing Waters!

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