Friday, 6 March 2009

My Sister Dilly by Maureen Lang

What is it about?

Hannah Williams leaves her friend Mac and returns to Sugar Creek, having scrimped and saved during her work in Los Angeles to buy a home under the premise of being there for her sister Dilly’s return. Catherine Carlson (Dilly) returns to Sugar Creek after 6 years in prison to be near her disabled daughter Sierra.

Hannah blames herself, in part, for the events leading up to Dilly’s time in prison and is determined to be there for her now, when she comes home. To make sure that Dilly has all the support she never had before. Trouble is, during all her planning she never consulted Dilly. All Dilly wants is to be able to spend time each day with her disabled daughter, who lives with her former mother-in-law, Sharon. Sharon, however, can’t get past what Dilly did all those years ago that landed her in jail and is not in any hurry to allow Dilly the time she so desperately desires with Sierra.

What I thought:

‘My Sister Dilly’ is a beautifully bittersweet tale of two sisters and their attempts to pick up the pieces of their lives after unthinkable circumstances land Dilly in prison.

Maureen Lang deftly uses Hannah and Dilly’s story to highlight themes such has tragedy and hope, guilt and forgiveness, and healing from life’s wounds. ‘My Sister Dilly’ is written with the perfect balance of each ingredient, drawing the reader into the heartache that drives each character. Maureen also uses Dilly’s story to unveil the truth behind life with a profoundly disabled child, challenging the reader to reach a more compassionate understanding of their reality.

This character driven novel delves into the motivations that drive Hannah and Dilly individually, and at the same time, explores their combined past and how it impacts the decisions they each make. Maureen develops each character with an astuteness that feels authentic and uncontrived. I love how, through Dilly’s fragile character, Maureen shows God’s strength and peace in the uncertainties of life to the more self-assured Hannah.

Guest reviewer:~ Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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