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Character Spotlight ~ Tamara Leigh's Maizy Grace Stewart

Today the spotlight shines on.................................................Maizy Grace Stewart

Oh, how I love the delightful Tamara Leigh - herself, her writing and her wonderful characters! In fact, while I was tidying my books the other day I couldn't help just reading a few of my favourite chapters of Splitting Harriet when I should have been cleaning - oops! Anyway, while I am impatiently waiting for her next book, enjoy this insight into the quirky Miss Maizy Grace from Faking Grace.

Thanks, Tammy:~

Brief physical description

Maizy Grace Stewart is a 26-year-old multi-highlighted brunette who goes Marilyn Monroe blond who goes back to brunette who ends up Elvira-black thanks to a well-meaning friend who flunked beauty school and—

Well, it’s complicated. Anyway, this hazel-eyed cutie looks a bit like actress Amy Smart, stands at 5’6”, and has an embarrassing laugh that ends on a purr when she’s especially tickled. Jack Prentiss, our hero, is fascinated by that laugh.

Speaking of Jack, this 5’11” green-eyed Brit bears a striking resemblance to that new James Bond fellow—Daniel something or other.

Rel:~ Tammy, you make me laugh! That would be Mr Daniel Craig!

Strengths and weaknesses

Maizy’s strength lies in her kind-hearted tendency to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. Unfortunately, it proves a weakness when she applies it to the wrong person and loses her job as an investigative journalist. Maizy emerges from this experience disillusioned and determined to prove she has what it takes to become a top journalist no matter the cost to innocent bystanders. Or so she thinks…

Quirk (if any)

Oops, I already spilled on the purr. Does Woofer qualify as a quirk? If ever a dog could be called a quirk, it would be Maizy’s black-and-tan, peg-legged, stub-tailed mutt that may or may not be a Miniature Pinscher/Shih Tzu mix. That little guy really needs an attitude adjustment. I mean—come on!—jealous of Maizy’s sweet little old grandmother? Well, not exactly sweet, but she is little and old. And she is in danger of outstaying her welcome.

Your inspiration for the character

Though I had the basic story frame and the first few chapters written for Faking Grace, it wasn’t until the associate pastor of our church preached on “Cultural Christianity” that I put my finger on where Maizy was in her spiritual journey and where she needed to be. Much to her surprise, the poor thing was a “Cultural Christian”—calling herself a Christian more because it was expected of her than because of any real turning toward God. That did not sit well with my heroine, and so the journey began.

Background to the story

It seems that many Christians, including the person in my mirror, present their best face to other believers for fear the real face that reflects their struggles might bring into question the depth of their faith. That was the jumping off point for Faking Grace, with the goal being to show that though Christians can be as fallible as non-Christians, what has the potential to set them apart is how they deal with their struggles and circumstances. And—boy!—did Maizy get a lesson in how to be real. And grace. Lots of grace.

Thanks for inviting me to join you, Rel!

A blast, as always Tammy ~ thank you! We'll be sharing the cover and synopsis for Tammy's late, 2009 release soon and I think you will love it :)

Next Monday the spotlight heads back to Ancient Egypt to check out Pharoah's Grand Vizier, Hemiunu from T L Higley's latest Ancient Wonders novel, City of the Dead. Intriguing stuff!

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Deborah said...

lol oh gosh i just totally confused myself, i saw the City of the Dead cover at the end of the post and i was like.....wait, there weren't blonde people then! yum yum yum daniel craig!!

Jenny said...

Loved the book and the spotlight. I hadn't really put a face to Jack, but Daniel Craig works fine for me. *grin*

Unknown said...

Loved this one! Tamara is a "must read" author, and got my daughter Katy hooked on her books:-)

These are STELLAR, Rel!

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