Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Character Spotlight ~ DiAnn Mill's Bella Jordan & Carr Sullivan

Bella & Carr

DiAnn Mills returns with her final Call of Duty novel, Pursuit of Justice, mixing suspense, romance and faith. Enjoy this insight into DiAnn's latest characters:~

Brief physical description

FBI Special Agent Bella Jordan ~ Shoulder length, dark auburn hair and green eyes. Slender built. In shape. Definitely attractive!

Carr ~ Blonde hair, blue eyes, thick lashes - rugged and handsome

Actor/famous person

Bella ~ The pic above is what I worked from, but the book cover is Bella, who had darker eyes.

Carr Sullivan ~ Brad Pitt

Strengths and weaknesses

Bella ~ Detailed, a guardian type, capable, afraid of her past and the man who stalks her. Tends to internalize things.

Carr ~ Strong in his faith, tends to be a loner, stubborn, protective of those he loves

Quirk (if any)

Bella ~ loves her Aunt Debbie, the woman who raised her when she was 15 years old. Like her aunt, Bella has a twist of humor.

Carr ~ I’d say his desire to be a loner, to be left alone on his West Texas ranch.

Your inspiration for the character

Bella: I wanted a strong woman who could get the job done for the FBI, resolute in her convictions, had a deep capacity for love, but was haunted by her past.

Carr: I wanted to show a man who thought if he lived in a remote area, then he would be immune from sin. His past lifestyle of partying and a tragedy led him to West Texas. But he learns sin is with him and cannot be avoided.

Background to the story

Bella once lived in West Texas where her father was obsessed in finding the Spider Rock Treasure. When Bella was fifteen years old, he sold her to his treasure-hunting partner to fund the treasure hunt. Bella escaped, leaving behind stepbrothers and a stepsister, and contacted her deceased mother’s sister who raised her. Bella became interested in law enforcement and joined the ranks of the FBI. She never thought her role would lead her back to her roots. Now as she searches for the serial murderer, she suspects her father may be the killer. And what has happened to her siblings?

Carr Sullivan made his money in Dallas real estate where he partied high and spared no expense. When his girlfriend died of an overdose, he turned his life over to God and fled the big city life for a ranch in West Texas. He prefers living alone where his past sins will not catch up with him. Now three bodies have been found on his ranch, and he’s the prime suspect.

Thanks for sharing about Carr & Bella, DiAnn ~ looking forward to more stories from you :)

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