Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Coming in mid 2011 from Tyndale House

Here are three books I am looking forward to (impatiently!) from Tyndale House.

Susan May Warren is what I call a "shopping list" author ~ she could write a shopping list and make it fascinating! I love World War II history so Maureen's book intrigues me and Sally's sounds excellent.

How about you?

Springtime of the Spirit by Maureen Lang

By the fall of 1918, the Great War has ended and the world is at peace, but there is little to celebrate in Germany. After four years fighting for his homeland, Christophe Brecht returns only to find there is little left of what he once called home. So when family friends ask him to travel to Munich to bring back their runaway daughter, Christophe agrees.

When he finally locates Annaliese Duray, he discovers she is far from the girl he once knew. Headstrong, idealistic, and beautiful, she is on the front lines of the city’s political scene, fighting to give women and working class citizens a voice in Germany’s new government.

As the political upheaval ignites in Munich, so does the attraction between Annaliese and Christophe. With an army from Berlin threatening to squash everything Annaliese has worked for, both she and Christophe are forced to choose between love and loyalty.

April, 2011

My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren

Isadora Presley has always loved her quaint harbor town of Deep Haven, but she never imagined she’d be trapped there. In the wake of a devastating accident, Issy finds herself imprisoned by her fears, barely unable to leave her home. But unbeknownst to the rest of the town, she is one of the most popular talk show hosts in the nation. On her syndicated daily show—recorded in her home studio—she doles out dating advice and tips on falling in love, even though she's never done either. Ratings for her show soar when it seems the host is falling in love on-air with a caller. A caller she doesn’t realize lives right next door.

Lucas Ryker served a tour of duty in Iraq and paid a steep price. The last thing he wants is pity, so carefully hides his disability as he settles down in Deep Haven to land his dream job—head football coach at the high school. But when the beautiful woman next door catches his eye, he turns to the host of My Foolish Heart for advice, starting an adventure he never expected.

May, 2011

Desert Gift by
Sally John

What does a nationally known marriage expert do when her own marriage falls apart? Just as Jillian Galloway sets out for a publicity tour to promote her new book, her husband drops a bombshell: He wants a divorce. Jill flees to her parents’ home in the California desert, wondering whether everything she’s built her career on—indeed, everything she’s built her life around—is a sham.

Navigating this “side road” of life is an uphill climb that leads to new understandings about herself, her marriage, and her relationship with the One who created marria

June, 2011


Word Lily said...

Ooh, the Sally John book sounds good!

Deborah said...

oh yay, is that the fourth book in the Deep haven series? so it's completely new? i don't remember who isadora is..must be a new character. rats, i was hoping that Liza would get her own book.

Sara said...

Ha ha, I love how you call Susan May Warren a "shopping list" author! I couldn't agree with you more...all her books are awesome. I didn't know she was returning to Deep Haven with a new book. I'm looking forward to it!

Amy said...

Yay for a new Susan May Warren and like Deb said Deep Haven! I much prefer her contemporary books.

Jenny B. Jones said...

LOVE Susan May Warren's cover. So cute. And different.

Amber S. said...

Those all sound really good! :D

After reading Sons of Thunder and Nightingale, I am definitely a Susan May Warren fan. :) This latest looks intriguing!


Scrappy quilter said...

I can't wait until they come out.. Gotta love these authors.

Rel said...

Hey Gals - thanks for dropping by.

Amber - check out Susie's other Deep Haven books: Happily Ever After, Tying the Knot and The Perfect Match.

Julia M. Reffner said...

These all sound fantastic. I really like Susie's cover!

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