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Character Spotlight ~ Amy Clipston's Miriam Lapp & Timothy Kaufmann

Miriam & Timothy

Amy Clipston has made her mark in the world of Amish fiction with her Kaufmann Amish Bakery series, the just releases third book, A Place of Peace continues the story of this community.

Enjoy this insight into her characters:~

Miriam Lapp, 23

Physical Description

She is about 5’5”, slender with light brown hair and deep brown eyes. Think Natalie Portman.

Strengths and weaknesses

She’s unsure of herself and her place in the community. Her heart was broken when she left Timothy and her family 3 years ago. She believes her family and Timothy turned against her when a baby she was caring for died. She feels unlovable and unworthy of God’s love.

Quirk (if any)

She’s a really good baker!

Your inspiration for the character

Miriam may be an outlet of my own latent insecurities.

Timothy Kauffman, age 29

Physical Description

Of course, Timothy’s a hunk! He’s blond and blue-eyed without any facial hair because he’s an unmarried Amish man. He’s 6’2” with broad shoulders and a lean build. A carpenter by trade, he’s physically fit. Picture Luke Mably from “The Prince and Me.”

Strengths & Weakness

He’s loyal and hardworking but cynical and moody. Miriam Lapp broke his heart when she left him without an explanation.


He loves crumbly peach pie, especially Miriam’s recipe.

Inspiration for the character

Timothy needed to be reconciled after he interfered with Sarah Rose (his sister) and Luke in A Promise of Hope (Book #2). He has a rough exterior but a very good heart.

Background to the story

A Place of Peace is the third book the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series. The story features Timothy Kauffman, who is a minor character in A Promise of Hope. In that book, you’ll find out that Timothy is deeply wounded by his failed relationship with Miriam Lapp. Due to his regret, he’s jaded and lets those feelings interfere in Sarah Rose’s life. In A Promise of Hope, Timothy was a very negative character, and I felt that he needed to be redeemed and his story needed to be told. Therefore, he was my initial inspiration for A Place of Peace.

In A Place of Peace, Miriam and Timothy are reunited after Miriam’s mother dies and she returns to Bird-in-Hand. Their journey toward reconciliation involves many complications, surprises, twists, and turns.

The piece of the story that is particularly special to me is the subplot of Miriam’s niece who needs a liver transplant. I’m very passionate about organ donation since my husband is on dialysis and awaiting a second kidney transplant. I hope that the story of Miriam’s niece touches the hearts readers and brings organ donation to the forefront of their minds.

Thanks for joining us again, Amy :)

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Scrappy quilter said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this one. I loved the last book I read of hers.

joan said...

Can't wait to read this one!Have been wondering what happens to Timothy!!!

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