Tuesday, 24 May 2011

News & Notes

Love sharing news with you ~ enjoy these updates about authors and me!

Watch this video to see what's up with one of my favourite authors, Charles Martin. His novel, When Crickets Cry, remains one of my most beloved stories and I can't recommend it highly enough. Be sure to check out all his books at Amazon and be looking for his 2012 release with Center Street.

My Next Book and other stuff. from Author Charles Martin on Vimeo.

Erynn Mangum

The gorgeous Erynn Mangum has released a novella straight to Kindle, Easter Carats. Remember you don't need a Kindle to access Kindle books as you can download PC for Kindle and use it the same way.

Emilie Stevens does not like change. So when her grandmother suggests changing up Easter tradition by inviting her neighbor's family - including her neighbor's sloppy grandson, Blake - and spending the weekend in a lake house in Texas, Emilie is anything but on board with the idea.

Blake Sullivan is excited for the vacation, even though he'll have to put up with worrywart Emilie the whole time. He's got plans to just sit on the dock and fish the weekend away. But when the catfish aren't biting and the manicured golf course turns out to be a place for Frisbee golf, will

Emilie and Blake find out that the one thing they have in common is the most important thing of all?

Liz Curtis Higgs

I've always bemoaned the fact that all my favourite authors (with the exception of the wonderful Lisa McKay who is back home in Australia anticipating the birth of her first child!) live across the Pacific, which is just a little bit to far to pop over and visit on a whim. I have now discovered the best solution to this dilemma ~ my favourite authors can just come to me ;-)

Last night the effervescent and delightful Liz Curtis Higgs was speaking a church twenty minutes from my place. A last minute invitation from a friend (Thanks Mandy ~ the date had totally slipped my mind!) ga
ve me the privilege of hearing Liz sharing on God's Grace and meeting and having a chat with her. A gracious and warm woman, Liz, was a real blessing to all the women who attended. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak, don't miss it! It was a special treat for me as I own every one of Liz's fiction books and most of her non-fiction, and she gives the best hugs!

If you love humourous stories or Scottish historical fiction, check out Liz's books at Amazon.


Tracy said...

So not only are these authors all amongst my favourites, but you got to meet Liz!!!! How incredibly exciting and special, no doubt for both of you! You so deserve an opportunity to spend some time with someone like her.

Rel said...

Ah, Trac - wish you could have been there. It was extra special. I hadn't registered the date in my brain at all and it was only that Mandy has someone decline that she rang me on the night to come.

Lori Benton said...

It's not always easy to meet authors if you live on this side of the Pacific either, the US being as big as it is and the price of travel about tripled in the past few years. Getting to hear Liz speak live is on my To Do Someday list, but I live in podunk Oregon, with a five hour drive to any major city. But I did get to hear her live stream on line a few weeks ago, and felt like I was a guest in her home. I know what you mean about gracious and warm. That she is! I sat here and cried for part of the time, she was so sweet.

I'm a Charles Martin fan as well. Wish we didn't have to wait another year for a book!

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Oh wow how cool for you to get to hear Liz speak and meet with her! Don't feel too bad about not getting to meet more authors, I live right here in the US and I've never had the chance to meet any of my faves. :-( Hopefully someday!

XOXO~ Renee

carla stewart said...

I love the picture of you and Liz! You are both radiant!

And I'm soooo thrilled to see the video of Charles Martin telling us about his next book. I can't wait as he's one of my favorite authors. (Shhh, we have the same fabulous editor which makes it even more special.)

Thanks, Rel!

Laura Frantz said...

Oh, so, so, so love this pic of you and one of my most beloved authors, Rel! And you're pretty loved, too, you know! I'm way behind in my blog reading! It's still one of my biggest wishes to have you over here! But I'd love to come to your part of the world, too. Bless you bunches.

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