Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Character Spotlight ~ Susan May Warren's Caleb Knight


Susan May Warren returns to Deep Haven, the location of her much loved stories, Happily Ever After, Tying the Knot and The Perfect Match.
I'm looking forward to returning there and meeting Caleb Knight.

Over to you:~

Brief physical description

Bio: Age 29

6’2, rusty blond hair, and light blue eyes.

A little about me:

I’ve always been a champion. I was a medic with the army corps until I was wounded. My dream, however, was to be a football coach. My life was changed by football, and my coach, and I believe it can help turn boys into men. Only problem…I am missing a leg. I really am tired of being known by my disability, and I want to prove myself. I am more than my disability, and I hope to prove that to the town of Deep Haven.

Actor/famous person

I've been told I look a bit like Ryan McPartlin. Who knew?!

Strengths and weaknesses:

I may be a little bullheaded, but I’d like to call it stubborn. Or independent. I’m also generous, and an encourager at heart.

Quirk (if any)

I have adopted a stray dog, and I like to listen to online sports shows.

I'm going to hand over to Susie now!

Susie: Your inspiration for the character

I met a man who had lost his leg...but I had no idea until he told me. He drove a bulldozer, and was a builder and never let his prosthesis get in his way. I began to wonder how a person might overcome such a loss. About the same time, a friend’s father became paralysed, and she mentioned to me how suddenly he felt as if his handicap defined him. People no longer saw him as wise or influential. I wanted to explore this concept and I applied it to our intrepid football coach...as well as others in the story.

Background to the story

My Foolish Heart is about fear, and how it can imprison us. I really grappled with the idea that “Real love casts out fear.” Why? It came to me that when we truly understand the love God has for us, then we can rest in His arms, regardless of what lies ahead. It’s my hope that readers begin to let that truth transform them and break them out of their prisons of fear.

Thanks Caleb & Susie ~ always a delight to have you drop by!

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Sara said...

I love Deep Haven! As with Susan's other books, I'm sure this one is going to be great. Can't wait!

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