Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nothing But Trouble by Susan May Warren

"Couldn't he see past her rough edges to the woman she wanted to be-a friend of Jesus, a woman of principle, a servant of grace?.....Apparently not."

PJ Sugar ran from Kellogg, disgraced and misunderstood, ten years ago and her reluctant return reveals not much has changed in the minds of Kellogg folk when it comes to her reputation. Roped into caring for her sister's defiant four year old with little understanding of how to connect with her nephew, PJ's self esteem takes some hard hits as trouble sneaks up on her once again.

The challenge of her nephew's behaviour and her need to prevent her Russian housemates from terrifying the neighbours, pale into insignificance compared to the emotional roller coaster that sweeps her away when she reconnects with Boone, the man who stole her heart in high school then became the reason she fled Kellogg in the first place.

Murder, mayhem and mystery combine as PJ strives to put things right and prove once and for all she is more than just the bad girl the town remembers.

Susan May Warren has created another unforgettable character in PJ Sugar, a woman longing to show her worth to her family and friends and shake off the shackles of misunderstandings and some poor decisions of her own choosing. True to form, Susan delivers sparkling attraction between PJ and Boone yet mixes it up with the arrival of the Jeremy, creating another dilemma for PJ to solve. I'm usually not enamoured with a series focused on the same main characters but Susan has worked her magic and I'm in for the duration! With an enchanting heroine, witty dialogue and a puzzling mystery, Nothing But Trouble is a satisfying start to the PJ Sugar series. I'm will be following PJ's new career with great interest!

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