Friday, 15 May 2009

Friendship Friday ~ What do you value in your close friendships with other women?

I recently coordinated our annual women's retreat with the theme, thanks to the lovely Sharon Hinck - Growing Together ~ Deeper with God and with Each Other. So many of the wonderful authors you know answered this simple question for me which I then diplayed at the retreat in a powerpoint presentation -

What do you value in your close friendship
s with other women?

I didn't want my readers missing out on these lovely gems so over the next few months, every Friday, you will get the chan
ce to read two author's answers to this question. Enjoy!

Deborah Raney

I think what I value most is being able to be myself, and know I'm loved anyway. To know that if I share a failure, my friends won't love me any less––in fact, they'll probably love me more. It's also wonderful to know that my friends are praying for me, and wanting God's very best for me, as I do for them.

Remember to Forget - Leaving November - Yesterday's Embers

Camy Tang

For my close friendships, they add value to my life. It's not just me
giving, giving, giving (I was burned by a few emotional vampires). My
close friends always tell me the truth about myself even and
especially if it's ugly, because they're confident enough in our love
for each other to know I appreciate the honesty. I do the same for
them, and they can accept the truth from me without being (too)
defensive. My close friends and I also encourage each other
spiritually to walk closer with God.

Sushi for One? - Only Uni - Single Sashimi - Deadly Intent (2009)


CeeCee said...

Great feature to look forward to on Fridays. Thanks Rel!

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