Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick ~ Tracy's Take

What is it about?

Jessie Ann Gaebele adores capturing the stunning Minnesota landscape on film, using a camera given to her by her Uncle August. Not content with the idea of marrying or working in more menial employment, Jessie is excited about the prospect of working for photographer FJ Bauer when he offers to train her for six months, before she would earn a wage. During FJ’s long, debilitating illnesses, Jessie proves her worth and skill as she keeps the studio running smoothly, along with her long-time friend Voe Kopp. The one thing FJ and Jessie struggle to maintain is their professional relationship and Jessie must make the most challenging decision of her young life.

What I thought:

Award-winning story teller, Jane Kirkpatrick, demonstrates her eloquence and mastery in ‘A Flickering Light’ with great skill and finesse. Based upon her grandmother’s life as a photographic assistant and set in her own birth place, Jane expertly blends historical biography with fictional detail in a distinct style that she has made her own.

‘A Flickering Light’ is a beautiful tale of a young girl’s coming of age, and stepping into adult responsibilities and consequences. Jane approaches the theme of chasing one’s dreams with a clarity that illuminates the beauty of fulfilment as well as the dark-grey places not considered before the chase begins. Jessie is a strong character with spark and gumption. Her pluck and courage will inspire and draw the reader through the story. Of course, the other characters are not left to wilt in a literary corner, as Jane develops their unique personalities with equal richness.

I loved this gentle tale, the excitement of new experiences and facing one’s failings. Jane reminds the reader that we all fail and fall short of our own ideals and yet grace and forgiveness begin the healing of shame that might otherwise overcome us. Despite our failings, dreams are still worth chasing and the challenges presented throughout life provide opportunities to forge strength in our character.

Guest reviewer:~ My friend Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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My apologies for the delay in posting this book! Tracy sent her review to me weeks ago and it slipped my mind!


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