Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Certain Jeopardy by Jeff Struecker & Alton Gansky plus Open Giveaway


Six American men live behind a protective facade, their real work hidden from neighbors and friends. Different in countless ways, they are intimately the same in one: at any moment their lives can be altered with a phone call, and their actions may change the world.They are Special Ops. And one team's mission is about to hit certain jeopardy status when the discovery of an Al Qaeda base in Venezuela becomes secondary to thwarting the transport of a nuclear weapons expert from that training camp to Iran.

My take:~

Sit down and strap yourself in for this adrenaline filled story of a Special Ops team doing what they do best. Eye opening and thrilling Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky combine combat experience with writing skill and show it off to full advantage. I was anxious to get beyond the early chapters and into the thick of things but getting to know the individual soldiers, their nicknames and personalities, is essential to the reading experience. While this book appealed to my adventurous side it also connected emotionally as the plight of the soldier's loved ones is also laid bare. Dealing with what life throws at us all, but having to leave with little or no notice to places unknown other than the certainty of danger, the sacrifices of our armed forces and their families is highlighted with accuracy and intensity. Leavened with humour and spiritual insight this book will appeal to both men and women. Certain Jeopardy is an excellent first foray into fiction by Captain Jeff Struecker - I hope he will be back with Sgt. Major Eric Moyer's band of brothers soon!

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Multiple Giveaway

Once again the wonderful people at B&H Fiction has provided books to give away. I have two copies for my US readers and two copies for my Aussie readers to win!

To enter:~

Post a comment on or before Sunday 31st May 2009 leaving contact details if I don't have them already.

Be sure to post a USA or AUS at the end of your post so I know which draw to put you in.


jaana said...

My husband would love me to win this book! Please put my name in. Thanks!


Kim said...

My oldest son is reading this one now and LOVING it! I'll get my turn when he's finished. You've really got my curiosity up now!

Can't wait!

Window To My World

windycindy said...

This book is right down my alley!
Please enter my name in your fabulous
book giveaway drawing.
Many thanks, Cindi

James said...

I am a huge fan of Alton Gansky and would love to read this new book of his.

Nicole said...

I'm definitely in, Rel! USA

(I'm fairly sure you have my contact info.)

mez said...

My family loves suspenseful stories about secret missions or special forces. Please add my name for the drawing. Thanks!


Leola said...

Sounds like a great suspense! please enter me in the draw Rel!

Danielle said...

I would love to enter, Rel!



Davo said...

Special Ops - cool, sounds just my style, please enter me, thanks Rel.
Yep - u know where I am

Sharon Ball said...

I met Al Gansky last month and had a wonderful time chatting with him. He is so funny and down to earth. I would love to read one of his books, and Certain Jeopardy sounds pulse pounding. Rel, could you enter me in the contest. Thanks.

Mary S said...

This is definitely my type of book :)

mkshriver (at) gmail (dot) com

kalea_kane said...

Oh we would love to read this (my husband and me) Thanks for the giveaway.



alihsee said...

I'm in! :) It reminds me of a tv show called 'The Unit'!



nolene said...

It does sound very exciting!So put me in to please!

Anita Yancey said...

Sounds like a very interesting book. I would love to read this one. Please enter me. Thanks!



ad said...

This book sounds very exciting so please put my name in .Ta!

Jen said...

Sounds like a good one for Steve. Pop me in please Rel

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