Monday, 18 May 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Sandra Byrd's Lexi Stuart

Today the spotlight shines on............................. Lexi Stuart

I adore Sandra Byrd's delectable stories about Lexi, French pastries and love! Be sure to read Let Them Eat Cake and Bon Appetit first and be ready for the final book, Piece de Resistance which releases in September this year. Sandra is also well known for her novels for young girls. Be sure to drop by her website for more on all her books.

Over to you, Sandra:~

Brief physical description of your main character

Lexi is a medium height woman with thick, dark brown hair that she often wears in a French twist as a signature hair style (hence the double entendre for the series title). She's got light dimples and works to keep her figure, though if she were going to put on an inch anywhere it would most likely be her hips. She's still young, though, so in pretty good shape!

Actor/famous person who might resemble her/him

I think if I were to pick an actress to portray her it would be Anne Hathaway. Physically they are similar, and I think it personality a bit, too.

I think Dan would be Dr McDreamy. And Philippe would be Olivier Martinez. :-)

Strengths and weaknesses

She's friendly and loving, generous and open. She has a heart for other people. She has a good, wry, sense of humor. She can be a bit of a people pleaser and so she's working to learn that being authentic means setting some boundaries, too. Boundaries don't always feel good, initially, but they lead to happiness and healthier relationships. She can feel sorry for herself for a moment or two but is honest enough with herself not to molly coddle it for too long.

Quirk (if any)

Free spirited attitude. Which can be good (spontaneousness) or bad (impulsive)

Your inspiration for the character

Most of my characters are a blend of people I know and love with little dabs of myself blended in - kind of like a coffee cake with cream cheese swirled throughout, if I may use a baking analogy! Her struggles are based on women I know, and even some of myself, still, wanting to take risks and believe God placed those dreams within us and therefore He'll fulfill them.

Background to the story

I love, love, l
ove France. I took many years of French. You know, the world over, I think people misinterpret the French people. They are kind and loving. They are proud of their culture, but not rude. I hope I've portrayed them as they are - not the meanspirited arrogants some think them to be, but not softies, either, because they're not. It's just too cool that God allowed me to combine France, baking, and writing, all of which I love, into this series, and bring my fantastic readers along. I've always wanted to do a series with ephemera in it, too. And now I got my chance!

Loved this spotlight, Sandra ~ thank you for all your efforts :)

On Thursday I hope to be spotlighting Wanda Dyson's Nick Shepherd from Shepherd's Fall. Thank you for your great support of my Character Spotlight features!

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Tracy said...

Now we need to make the books into a movie ~ I love Anne Hathaway. Think she'd take the role?!

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