Thursday, 14 May 2009

Character spotlight ~ Angela Hunt's Jennifer Graham

Today the spotlight shines on..........................................................Jennifer Graham

Angela Hunt has been writing fabulous stories for many years and each one of her Christian Fiction books hold pride of place on my shelves. One of my favourite series of all time is her Heirs of Cahira series, the first soon to be rereleased next month, The Silver Sword. Close on its heels is Angie's Fairlawn series which concludes with She's In A Better Place.


Brief physical description:

Jennifer is fairly average, with shoulder length brow
n hair. Age thirty-nine. What I usually do when I write a book is find people who look like my characters at an online image gallery.

Rel:~ Angie let me pick the people I imagined as Jennifer, Daniel and Gerald!

I picked Sam Waterston for Daniel, Jack Warden for Gerald and Sela Ward for Jennifer. What do you think?

Strengths and weaknesses:

Jennifer is smart and strong and driven, but she can be too stubborn for her own good. She hates her mother's meddling, but doesn't realize that she meddles just as much.

Your inspiration for the character:

I really didn't have a specific inspiration. She just took shape.

Background to the story:

Jennifer was an accomplished office manager for a Senator in Washington D.C., where she worked with her husband. When her husband had an affair with the nanny, Jennifer couldn't--wouldn't--stay in the same office, so she quit her job and set out to look for another. Then she inherited the funeral home. And that's where the story begins.

Thanks Angie ~ Fairlawn is such a wonderful place to visit :)

On Monday, I will be spotlighting Sandra Byrd's Lexi Stuart from Let Them Eat Cake, Bon Appetit and September release, Piece de Resistance . For "pics" of Lexi, Dan and Phillipe, drop by on Monday!

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Deborah said...

i have no idea who Jack warden is! lol i pictured jennifer as Lauren Graham from Gilmore girls

Rel said...

Jack was Saul in While You Were Sleeping - the family friend :)

I can see Lauren as Jennifer too!

Angela said...

Thanks so much, Rel! Sam Waterston (sp?) makes a perfect Daniel! You are so creative!


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