Thursday, 10 April 2008

She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt

Fairlawn Funeral Home is no longer a macabre, frightening place to live. For Jennifer Graham and her young sons it has become a home, haven and opened the door to a new career for Jennifer ~ funeral home director and mortuary assistant!

Now attending mortuary school, Jennifer has put her squeamishness behind her along with any hope of a social life. Her schedule is overwhelming between her studies, mothering her boys and assisting Gerald, Fairlawn's embalmer, with his duties. Meeting McLane Larson and discovering her secret changes Jennifer's life, causing her to look beyond herself and reevaluate her beliefs, prejudices and faith.

Angela Hunt's sequel to her innovative Doesn't She Look Natural affirms her exceptional abilities as a writer. Outstanding characterisation and an engaging story line continue to be a hallmark of this series. Tackling the issues of abortion, racial discrimination and God's sovereignty in a sensitive and perceptive manner, Angela delves deeply into the fears and frailty of humanity as seen through the eyes of Jennifer and McLane. There isn't as much levity in this tale as the first but rightly so, given the subject matter. The intricacies of the embalming process are revealed in a way that is intriguing rather than repugnant, a sure sign of Angela's talent and maturity as a wordsmith. I stated in my review of Doesn't She Look Natural that I couldn't wait to see where Angela planned to take this series, She Always Wore Red has ensured I am in for the long haul! Can't wait for book three!

Available now from Tyndale


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