Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fossil Hunter by John B Olson

Paleontologist Dr Katie James has it all ~ beauty, brains, a successful career.....and a debilitating phobia! Determined to overcome her weakness, Katie devotes herself to the discovery and investigation of fossils, comfortable that her faith and profession can go hand in hand.

Dr Nick Murad is highly skilled, thorough and intent on beating Katie James to every fossil remaining undiscovered in the known universe! Uncompromising in his belief of evolutionary theory, Nick jumps at the chance to search for fossils in the previously prohibited hot spots in Iraq. He just didn't count on Katie James getting in his way.

Political intrigue and Iraqi governmental and religious rivalry set Nick and Katie against each other in a tantalising race to uncover the remainder of a whale fossil purported to be in the Al Muthanna desert. When Katie's team is attacked, Nick Murad is the last man on earth Katie wants to save her.

John B Olson's fourth novel is rip roaring hit! Katie is by no means your everyday heroine ~ she is gutsy, brilliant, passionate about her faith and career with a vulnerability brought about by her neurosis, which only adds to her appeal. Nick is an equally well drawn character, smart, attractive, fulfilled by his career, if not his choice of women, and requiring more than a brief pep talk to consider creation by intelligent design. Their interaction is entertaining and electrifying. Action, adventure and humour abound, scene descriptions are so detailed I felt myself sweating in the desert and the seamlessly interwoven discussion of scientific theory and intelligent design, stimulating and engaging. John's PhD in Biochemistry has been put to good use in this novel yet at no time did I feel confused by the jargon. Fossil Hunter will appeal to men and women and has my highest recommendation. I would love to see Katie and Nick hit the big screen one day ~ eat your heart out, Indiana!

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John's book is
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