Friday, 4 April 2008

Searching for Spice by Megan DiMaria

Tired of watching other couples show their affection for each other, Linda Revere determines to spice up her marriage, making a plan to entice her devoted, but unimaginative husband, into joining in.

After a few failed attempts, Jerry seems to be catching on when he surprises her with a spontaneous lunch date. Linda is hopeful she is on the cusp of the passionate and romantic marriage she began with, one that has waned over the past two decades.

When their romantic learning curve is put on hold due to a regrettable and potentially life altering incident, Linda begins to question whether the romance she has longed for is the answer to her prayers after all.

Megan DiMaria's debut novel takes you on a journey where the destination originally envisaged does not materialise in the expected fashion. I began this story sympathising and laughing with Linda, as she stumbled through what most women experience, expecting a lighthearted and fun read. Searching for Spice provides just that but so much more! Linda's attempts to revive her stable but slightly boring marriage are hilarious and oh, so real and Jerry's slightly bewildered responses spot on. Megan then cranks up the pressure on this genuine couple by adding in a momentarily irresponsible teenager, a petulant employer, a friend's shocking revelation and this engaging story becomes a compelling one. Searching for Spice celebrates marriage without downplaying the commitment, compassion and effort required to make true love last. This is a fabulous read and I look forward to the sequel, Out of Her Hands, later this year.

Available now from Tyndale.


Jen said...

Sounds good Rel. Can that go in my TBR pile please.

Megan DiMaria said...


Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed SFS, and I appreciate you spreading the word about it.

I just sent the edited version of Out of Her Hands to my editor at Tyndale on Wednesday. It's going to be available this October.

A prisoner of hope,

Tracy said...

This sounds like a GREAT read ~ do you think it might be on the book club list at some point ...perhaps ...maybe?!

Tim said...

Good JOb! :)

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