Thursday, 17 April 2008

In the pipeline from Thomas Nelson

There are plenty more fabulous reads on their way in 2008. Check out these from Thomas Nelson. Click on the titles to preorder and on the author name to find their website.

The Unseen by T.L. Hines

Urban explorer Lucas Freund doesn't just visit hidden areas of public buildings---he lives there! So when the FBI wants to know about "watchers" who infiltrate people's
homes, Lucas is recruited to join the Creep Club! Can he prove he's not the killer when members start to die . . . or will he be the next victim?

Releasing July, 2008

Lonestar Sanctuary by Colleen Coble

Fleeing a vengeful stalker and desperate to help her daughter, Betsy, speak again, Allie Siders fin
ds a safe place for them at the Bluebird Ranch, a home for troubled children---and abused horses. Owner Elijah DeAngelo welcomes them, but foreman Rick Bailey is guarded. Can Allie and Rick put aside the past to save all they hold dear?

Releasing August, 2008

Field of Blood by Eric Wilson

1989: Scores of Romanian children contract a life-threatening virus. In Jerusalem, the same year, an ancient tomb is broken into.

Gina Lazarescu is a girl caugtht between an unknown past and a dark future. Will she stand in the gap against the rising evil? Or become victim to it?

Death is not a question. It is the answer. Welcome to a world that hides before your eyes.

Releasing October, 2008


C.J. Darlington said...

Nelson really have some great books, don't they? :) Now if only Frank Peretti would come out with a new book ...

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