Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Restorer's Journey by Sharon Hinck & Aussie Giveaway

Susan and Mark Mitchell have returned from Lyric through the portal in their attic, shaken by the telltale signs of the Restorer, exhibited by their son Jake. There is little time to contemplate the implications when the self serving Cameron of Lyric and the mind swaying Rhusican, Medea, sweep back into their home and their lives, stealing Susan away.

Desperate to save his mum from their clutches, Jake re-enters the portal transporting himself back to Lyric, but the familiar has all but been replaced by fear and despair. Cameron has produced previously unseen Verses, divided the lands and proclaimed himself King of Lyric. Driven by a courage he didn’t know he had, Jake seeks out the exiled guardians but falters as he is suspected of being a traitor.

Meanwhile, Susan is fighting a losing battle, physically held captive by the Rhusicans, but overwhelmed by their power they exact over her mind, sending her spiralling into loneliness and despair as their poisonous thoughts strip her of dignity and hope.

I doubt that any words from me can do this unique series justice but I will try! Sharon Hinck’s storytelling is masterful, from her creation of the magnificent world of Lyric to the fascinating characters that reflect so much of the human heart and circumstance. Sharon engaged my heart, mind and soul in The Restorer’s Journey, more powerfully even than in the first two books, The Restorer and The Restorer’s Son. I believed, naively it now seems, that Sharon couldn’t exceed my expectations a third time, yet she did, in every imaginable way. Each emotion and thought of her characters seared into my mind as if they were my own, from torment to fear, from relief to joy. Sharon writes with authority and an understanding of the human heart which is oftentimes both painful and confronting to read. Despite this, a steadfast belief and hope in a power greater than us all underscores each page. There is a profundity to Sharon’s words in this tale, about the challenges of suffering, the need for healing and the beauty, depth and power of God’s love, that I am still contemplating and hope to for a long time. I count it a privilege to have read such an inspiring, challenging and engrossing story.

If you would like a chance of your own to read this book:~

1 Post a comment by midnight Monday 21st April;

2 Have an Aussie mailing addy; and

3 Tell me your favourite make-believe character!


Anonymous said...

I still haven't read this series. I need to start. *g*

jaana said...

My favourite make-believe character is Cinderella. Please enter me in.

ad said...

I'd love to read this series. My favourite character is Robin Hood.

Jen said...

My fav make believe character is Peter Pan. Ta Rel

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