Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Strike the Dragon by Charles Dyer & Mark Tobey & Aussie Giveaway

A loving mother looks longingly at her little boy in his slumber then steals herself to leave him behind. Loss, grief and bitterness push her towards her goal of destroying some of the enemies of her faith.

An ocean away, an observant college professor, Greg Hanson, stumbles across just the photo he requires for his students, one of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Closer scrutiny of the photo sets of warning bells in his mind but who should he tell?

Losing her brother in the September 11 attacks spurred Jillian Foster to join the FBI agent she finds herself frustrated by her newbie status and the subsequent overload of paperwork rather than field assignments. When her boss appoints her to collate and examine all the security agencies terrorist information, Jillian hopes this assignment will be different.

Recruited to serve his country after the murder of his wife, Israeli Moshe Zachar hopes revenge will assuage his pain and protect his people.

Zachar, Foster and Hanson cross paths when whispers of another terrorist attack on US soil become a dull roar. Intelligence gathered from Mossad, the FBI and Greg Hanson's tentative theory all point to a new Middle Eastern threat, able to strike at the heart of America. Together they hope to save America from disaster.

Strike the Dragon has all the elements of a great political thriller, including interesting characters and a believable plot line yet stumbles when it comes to realistic storytelling. Having stumbled on a sensitive Internet site, Greg Hanson remains as the man responsible for monitoring the site and reporting back to the FBI, a highly unlikely situation. Similarly, Julie maintains control of the major investigation of terrorists threatening to destroy America despite being a junior operative. The romance angle seems as afterthought and is somewhat stilted. Despite this, Dyer and Tobey do an excellent job providing a detailed backdrop to some of the terrorists, establishing them as people with life experiences that made them susceptible to men calculating destruction. If you are willing to suspend disbelief from time to time, Strike the Dragon is an easy read, suitable for men and women.

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To enter the giveaway:~

1 Post a comment before midnight Wednesday 30th April;

2 Have an Aussie postal address, and

3 Tell me your favourite action hero!!!


Anonymous said...

Does Jason Bourne count? Please count me in.

HeatherH said...

Dirk Pitt - especially when played by Matthew McConaughey =) but I enjoy the books as well.

jaana said...

Favourite action hero? It's got to be Zorro!!! Please enter me in.

ad said...

I love Jason Bourne too and the Phantom is pretty cool! Please add my name too.

Anonymous said...

Hi narelee this book seems a bit too much drama not enough romance for me, guess it depends on what the heroine in the book is like. My favorite action hero is superman
Louise Veenstra builder4lulu@hotmail.com

Tracy said...

It still sounds like a very intriguing read to me!

My favourite action hero...ohhhh it has to be Batman. Not the modern version, but the Adam West version of my childhood.

rachel said...

Zorro!!! he's the best ever, i love him! and the man who plays him, Antonio Banderas is my favourite actor :-)
please enter me!
God bless.

Naomi said...

Fave action hero........mmmmmmmm. Don't really have a favourite one. How about Wonder Woman.

Rosalie said...

Superman is my favourite - the TV Series Lois and Clark :)

Danielle said...

Please enter me!! It sounds like a thrilling story...

And my favourite action hero: gotta be Jason Bourne. He's the MAN! Batman (the Christian Bale Batman :D) might be up there tying for first place too :).

daniellecentral at gmail dot com

Jen said...

Superman! as in Lois and Clark and of course Smnallville. Thanks again Rel.

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