Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Moment Between by Nicole Baart

Abigail Bennett strives hard to maintain her well ordered and structured life. A successful accountant with a minimal social life, Abigail has endured enough pain in her past to justify her aloofness.

Hailey Bennett, Abigail's younger sister, is a shining star with an unsurpassed beauty who captivated her father's complete affection from the day of her difficult birth. Yet Hailey's outward perfection hides a tormented soul and the combination of beauty and anguish prove to be a force bent on destruction.

When tragedy strikes, Abigail fixates on the only person who can give her the answers she seeks, the charismatic Tyler Kamp - the man who consumes her every thought and has become her reason for living.

Nicole Baart will take your breath away with this heartrending tale of Abigail and Hailey, two sisters whose love for each other is as delicate as it is dangerous. A devotion that so easily tips into enmity. The sisters' story unfolds with painful flashbacks to their childhood and the harrowing tragedy that befalls them, while Abigail's pursuit of her obsession is disclosed in the present. Nicole blends each of these time frames with skillful ease, captivating heart and soul from the opening lines.

Nicole expresses the gamut of human emotion with tenderness and lyrical artistry with sentences like this commonplace, "The word snagged on an exposed corner of Abigail's carefully veiled heart and floated there, a balloon anchored by the sharp edge of her skepticism." As an artist wields a paintbrush, Nicole uses words to create an agonisingly beautiful picture of a broken mind struggling for freedom and the repercussions for those who choose to love through exquisite pain and sacrifice.

The Moment Between is in equal measure arduous, tearful and confronting yet has an honesty and spiritual beauty that makes it simply transcendent.

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