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Character Interview ~ Gabriella from Lisa T Bergren's Rivers of Time

Introducing Gabriella Bettarini, a teen who discovers time travel and unusual skill with a broadsword, in Lisa T Bergren's River of Time series.

Waterfall and Cascade are available now, with Torrent to release this September.

You REALLY won't want to miss these brilliant stories that I have loved just as much as my teen daughter, EJ.


Rel: So you have a pretty interesting way of getting out of homework, Gabi! What are you learning about yourself in medieval Italy that you wouldn’t otherwise have realised?

Gabi: Man, this whole PLACE is like a living in one of those recreated cities, you know? I’ve learned I’m totally reliant on hair products, computers, phones, cars, and modern medicine. But I’ve also learned that life is a lot simpler, a lot deeper, without all those things. I feel more alive here, if that makes any sense.

I think it does. How have you and Lia grown closer from your recent experiences? If so, in what ways?

Well, for one thing, I’d never saved her life before we came here. And she’d never saved mine. So that kinda ties us together in a whole new way. But before, I kind of thought her as a tag-along sort of sister. Now’s we’re more equal in some ways. More like friends, than sisters. I owe her a ton, because she, more than anyone, has made major sacrifices for me.

We know Marcello is one appealing guy! What is one of his many fine qualities that stands out to you?

[Laughing] Uh, yeah. He’s appealing. As in the hottest-guy-I’ve-ever-met, inside and out. He’s loyal and protective and just aware, you know? And he has this strong way of leading…he’s a take-charge kind of dude. I like that. Unless, you know, he’s trying to take charge of me. Then, not-so-much.

What do the medieval guys you know have over their 21
st century

I think boys beco
me men at an earlier age here. They have to, when they’re forced to fight for what they love or need. The girls do too…It’s like what we’re like at 25, in our modern era, is equal to the average teen here. They’re more responsible, more physically and mentally and emotionally tough. And chivalry? Yeah, that’s alive and well in the medieval man’s mind. Love that.

What about them drives
you nuts?

Chivalry. I mean I love it and I hate it too. Marcello is always thinking I can’t do what he can—or that I need to stay back where I’m safe when I want to go out and fight with him. We’re still trying to figure that out. I’m sure I’ve totally confused him.

You have had a bit of a distant relationship with your mum. How has that changed since you have experienced the fourteenth century together?

I think she’s still trying to get a grip on being here. Get a grip on seeing her daughters, out there, fighting. Getting a grip on us with these guys, who are so into us. I mean, I’ve never had a steady boyfriend before now. All of that’s a lot to handle. But I think it’s all helped her see us more, notice us more. She was so wrapped up in her work that we kind of got the last part of her day and energy. But with Dad gone, and being here, we’re all seeing one another in a new way. And that’s been so good. I feel like we’re a family for the first time, in a long time.

Your time in Italy has made you re-evaluate your priorities. What would you want your peers to understand about life given your recent near death experiences?

There’s so
much we take for granted until we lose it. And I’ve seen some people die that I really cared for. Other than Dad, I’ve never really experienced that—especially kids my age. And then getting wounded myself, almost dying… [shakes head]…It made me want to come back and grab life. Really live it, rather than just make it through the day. I don’t know if that makes much sense. But I remember sitting in class, watching the clock tick, second by second. That’s survival. Not life. And being here, fighting for what I know is right, opening my heart, falling in love, learning so much…I’m alive, alive for the first time in a long time. And even if I was back in the 21st century, I’d want to try and live life like this. Not like I was before.

Thanks Gabi ~ seems like we could all learn something from your experiences :) Looking forward to catching up with Marcello, Luca and your little sis, Lia soon.

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Joy Tamsin David said...

Fun! I love the picture Lisa picked for Gabriella.

I'm anxiously awaiting Torrent. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Lisa and this series..>:)

I like who she picked for Gabi but I saw someone a lot younger (lol)

Ronie Kendig said...

I am volunteering to play Gabi alongside Marcello (Yowza!). Hehe. LOVE this series!!

Rachelle said...

I so can't wait for September to get here! I mean, I love summer but I'm totally excited about finding out what happens next with Gabi! Wonderful article!

Rel said...

Thanks for dropping by, girls!

Lisa and I have changed the pics for you, Tina :)

Ronie, I think there might be a few of us willing to take on Gabi's role ;-D

Rest assured, Rachelle, you will LOVE Torrent!

Carrie said...

I loved both these books and can't wait for Torrent. It makes me want to journey back just for the chivalry.

Anonymous said...

HAHA- you didnt have to that guys...The actors could be Gabi and Marcello in the near future...;)

At this point the series is so good you could pick stick people and they would be great!!

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