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Character spotlight ~ Catherine Richmond's Susannah Underhill & Jesse Mason

Susannah & Jesse

Meet debut novelist Catherine Richmond's mail order bride and the man who loves her!

Over to you, Catherine:~

Brief physical description

Susannah Underhill hasn't been eating; she's pale and thin. She describes her hair as "dirt brown, with enough wave to keep it from being silky, but not enough curl to hold a style without a dozen hairpins.Her husband likens her eyes to the color of the evening sky. 

Jesse Mason has a rugged face with a nose that runs straight down from his wide forehead, deep eye sockets, high cheekbones, and a jutting chin. His smile tilts to the right. His hair is coppery brown and out of control - he hasn't been to a barber in over a year.  

Actor/famous person 

A young Elizabeth Taylor for Susannah and Rufus Sewell as Jesse

Strengths and weaknesses

Susannah is painfully shy. Raised in a home without affection, she has no confidence in herself, no trust that anyone could love her - including God. The positive side of her pessimism is her perseverance - tough times don't rattle her. She keeps on working without complaint. Years of assisting her father in his veterinary practice has given her surprising skill with animals.

Jesse is a man of great enthusiasm - which terrifies Susannah when she first meets him. His faith is deep, until financial problems put an end to his plans.  

Quirk (if any) 

Jesse is the original air guitar player. He's constantly in motion. 

Your inspiration for the character 

A song inspired this story, characters and all.

Background to the story

After her parents' deaths, Susannah is attacked in her home. For her safety, her pastor sends her to Dakota Territory to marry his brother. Susannah finds an empty land, a sod house, and a husband who wants more than she can give.

Thanks Catherine ~ lovely to have your first visit here :)

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