Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Brotherhood by Jerry B Jenkins

A confident and determined new member of the Chicago PD, Boone seems to have a magic touch, from instinctive arrests which draw the eye of the top brass, to his beautiful wife and toddler son who bring so much joy to his life. Then unimaginable tragedy shatters his world, leaving him without hope, without faith and hanging on to a boatload of bitterness and pain. Returning to the beat is the only thing that keeps Boone alive but he comes to learns, from the unlikeliest of men, that God can change the hardest of hearts.

There is much to like in Jerry B Jenkins' first Precinct 11 novel, The Brotherhood. From complex characters and emotive plot lines
to police procedures and the inner working of gangs, Jerry has penned an intriguing story. I particularly enjoyed Jack Keller, Boone's old school partner and mentor, a cynical cop without faith, who stands by Boone without faltering and Pastor Francisco Sosa, a man of God who lives his calling with integrity and compassion. However, I struggled with the pacing of the story which becomes weighted down by lengthy dialogue in many parts as Jerry utilises it to impart his spiritual message. The slow pacing surprised me, probably due to the high expectations I had for a writer of Jerry's calibre and experience and due to the fact that I anticipated a lot more action from a police procedural. That being said, Jerry's talent really shines when it comes to generating a connection between his characters and the reader. I was invested heavily in how this story played out for Boone, Jack and gang leader, Pascual Candelario and I will certainly be back for more from Precinct 11. I have also selected this for my book club later this year and I'm sure it will be a fascinating discussion.

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