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Character Spotlight ~ Janelle Mowery's Bobbie McIntyre & Jace Kincaid

Bobbie & Jace
Janelle Mowery opens her new Colorado Runaway series with a female wrangler and a ranch owner not quite sure what to do with her! Enjoy getting to know Bobbie & Jace.

Over to you, Janelle:~

Brief physical description

Bobbie McIntyre is average in height with long blonde hair that's kept out of the way in a braid more often than not. She's more comfortable wearing work shirts and pants and sitting on a saddle than wearing an apron and working in a kitchen.

Jace Kincaid is tall and lean whose blond hair is badly in need of a cut.

Actor/famous person

I saw the movie Eight Below not long ago and thought the lead character Paul Walker looked a lot like what I pictured for Jace Kincaid.

I had trouble coming up with an actress for Bobbie until Erin Cottrell was suggested and I have to agree.

Strengths and weaknesses

Bobbie's strengths...She's incredibly confident in her skills as a wrangler. Raised by her father after her mother died, she's worked with men for years and is comfortable around them.

Bobbie's weaknesses...Making friends with other women is difficult because she's been teased by too many because of how she dresses. Raised without a mother, feminine ways elude her. She also has a hard time trusting God and others.

Jace's strengths...In the role of rancher and leader, he's had a great example to follow in his father, who was killed almost a year earlier. He loves the ranch and those who work for him and fights to protect all.

Jace's weaknesses...He feels the pressure to fulfill his father's dream and questions himself and God.

Quirk (if any)

Bobbie loves to play pranks. Not sure if that qualifies as a quirk but those she plays the pranks on think so.

Your inspiration for the character

This story being the first I ever tried to write, I wanted to have a character I knew well. Being a tomboy, I chose an unfeminine woman who was more comfortable with the outdoors. Add to that the fact that I think horses are beautiful animals, I tied a love of horses to my heroine. Knowing who I wanted as a heroine, the hero was a simple step. He had to be a cowboy.

Background to the story

I'd been reading many Lori Wick books and I loved her historicals. I've also loved westerns. In my heart, I knew I could write one of my own. That thought took hold and wouldn't shake loose. Because trust is such a difficult thing for so many people, I wanted that to be the theme. I created, plotted, and shaped this story for a full year, all in my head. I knew I wanted Colorado for the setting because I love that state. Once I had the characters, plot, and setting firmly in mind, I decided it was time to put it to paper. It was far from perfect but with the help of friends through critiques and a great editor, this story truly became a dream come true and will always be one of my favorites.

Thanks so much for sharing, Janelle :) So appreciate your time and effort.

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