Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Robin Caroll shares about In the Shadow of Evil

Robin Caroll's romantic suspense, In the Shadow of Evil, releases next month from B&H Publishing.

Look forward to giveaways, a character spotlight and review here at Relz Reviewz.
For now though, I'll let Robin do all the talking :)


Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

These look like great books! I'm from New England and moved south to VA about 5 years ago. It's not exactly the deep south, but the culture shock (it really was like moving to a foreign country!) prompted me to become interested in deep-southern culture. Robin is definitely an author I will start following!

Unknown said...

Hi, Kate! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rel, thanks so much for posting this! You are SUCH a sweethear. :)

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