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Character Spotlight ~ Jenny B Jones' Alex Sinclair & Lucy Wiltshire

Alex & Lucy

Jenny B Jones is one of my favourite authors and a gorgeous lady to boot! Her latest novel, Save the Date, is not to be missed, full of witty dialogue, engaging characters and Star Wars references!

Over to you, Jenny:~

Brief physical description

Lucy Wiltshire is an average sized girl (who wishes she could lose that last five pounds) with curly blonde hair. She has a knack for turning vintage and resale shop finds into vintage chic outfits. Her fashion icons are Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn.

Alex Sinclair, a former NFL quarterback, is obviously no weakling. Tall, muscular, and a commanding presence, Alex has traded in his Warriors football jersey for sharp power suits and business wear to go with his new professional image.

Actor/famous person

Inspiration for Lucy was Christina Applegate

Inspiration for Alex was Dave Annable from the TV show Brothers and Sisters.

Strengths and weaknesses

Lucy’s strengths: determined, a huge heart for girls who have aged out of the foster care system with nowhere to go, independent, loves God, frugally fashionable

Lucy’s weaknesses: Her past has left her confidence weakened, she is very self-protective, bought into the lie that she’s not good enough for someone like Alex, uses her humor to hide the hurts

Alex’s strengths: h
e’s hot. The end. kidding.

Alex is loyal, strong-willed, a total alpha male in that he’s a leader in all things, from his career to his relationships. Charming and witty and dead sexy. He loves his family and takes care of his own. He is protective, smart, and those smoldering eyes miss nothing.

Alex's weaknesses: Arrogance, still reeling over the loss of his twin brother; and that hurt colors how he views people, the world, and his relentless ambition to win the seat in Congress no matter what the cost. He has tunnel vision right now and will do anything to get what he wants so he can add to his achievements and “earn” his place in the world and feel worthy.

Quirk (if any)

Lucy’s pretty quirky. She is all lady, but she is also a member of the Hobbits, a club for those who are sci-fi/fantasy fans. She and her Hobbit friends meet and bond over their love for all things Star-Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. She can throw quite a Lord of the Rings themed party.

Your inspiration for the character

I knew I wanted two people who were total opposites. A twist on the Cinderella story I suppose. They needed to have strengths and weaknesses that complemented each other so that they fulfilled something the other needed, that as one they were stronger than they were apart. So it was a lot of fun getting these two opposites to the point where they saw that themselves.

The inspiration for Alex comes from my fascination with sports culture. It’s just another version of Hollywood, isn’t it? I can list the names and bios of a handful of popular athletes, but I can’t tell you anything about the game they play. I’m a total sports idiot. I had to keep a friend’s number on speech dial so she could answer my 101 football questions. Aside from the definition of a Hail Mary, which I’m ridiculously proud of, I know nothing of the game.

Background to the story

Lucy works for a group home for women called Saving Grace. There is an actual Saving Grace in Arkansas.

It was started by a lovely woman named Becky, who herself was a foster kid who was never adopted or placed in a permanent home. When she aged out of the system, she was homeless and clueless how to survive in the world. These kids are left with few resources, so all they can do is get through a day. They barely know how to survive, so they sure aren’t going to survive. Statistically, few go to college, few get sustainable full time employment, and their chances for unplanned pregnancy and even prison are high. They need adults to supervise them and mentor them. They need a safe place to live. They need to know they are worthy and loved. And they need to know the truth and light of Jesus Christ. Saving Grace provides just that.

In the original version of Save the Date, Lucy was a dance teacher. When I had to rewrite the book, my editor said, “Her job didn’t ring true. Is there something else she can do? Something you care about?” I had struggled with this book so much and rewritten it 100 times and it still wasn’t right for me. When my editor said that, a lightbulb went on. I had personally been mentoring a girl from Saving Grace, and I knew that was Lucy’s job. The rest of the book finally came together when I changed Lucy’s profession and included a real Saving Grace. It became the heart that the book was lacking.

Thank you, Jen! Terrific spotlight ~ thanks for sharing :)

On Monday the spotlight shines on Janelle Mowery's Bobby McIntyre & Jace Kincaid from When All My Dreams Come True.

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Unknown said...

I don't always stop and say it, but I absolutely love these features, especially when they are about characters I've grown to love!

Jenny B. Jones said...

Thanks, Rel. Graet job with Lucy and Alex!

Rel said...

Thanks Deena :) I appreciate that!

Jen ~ so kind of you to say but I think you did most of the hard work :)

Ronie Kendig said...

I can't wait to read this book! It's had me soo intrigued since I read the back cover copy! :-D

Joy Tamsin David said...

Of course, Christina Applegate for Lucy. I totally see that!

Dave Annabelle is cute, but he's a little small for a football player. Now put his face on a linebacker's body...oh yeah.

This was the first book I've read by Jenny B. Jones. I loved it!!! If it had been out last year, it definitely would have made my best of 2010 list. I'll be checking out her back list for sure.

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