Friday, 25 February 2011

Coming soon from Leanna Ellis & Sourcebooks

I love Leanna Ellis' novels with B&H Publishing, her quirky characters and bold storylines but with her August release from Sourcebooks she is really stepping out of the box!

Check it out :)

en by Leanna Ellis

Hannah Schmidt pines for Jacob, the boy who saved her life. But Jacob is gone, buried. Levi Fisher loves Hannah. But he knows how much Hannah loved his brother Jacob. He also knows the troubling event that took Jacob out of their lives.

So when a stranger named Akiva comes into their community, he carries with him two secrets: he is, in fact, Jacob. And he is now a vampire.

When secrets are revealed, Hannah must choose between light and dark, between the one she has always loved and the new possibility of love-a decision that will decide the fate of her soul.


nolene said...

Ooo! This definetly sounds different to her usual fare which I really enjoy. It will make for an interesting read!

Developer@Seattle said...

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Joy Tamsin David said...

LOL!! Love it! This might be my first bonnet book in a decade. Putting it on the wish list.

Deborah said...

yep, looking forward to it. now just waiting for that Amish book that features a POC character!

Scrappy quilter said...

Hmmmm wondering how this will turn out.

Michelle said...

An Amish vampire book!!!! I'm sitting here absolutely cracking up.

Yeah, this is going on my wishlist.

Anonymous said...

this sounds fabulous!

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