Tuesday, 5 December 2006

A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist


41/2 Stars

Deeanne Gist's first novel, A Bride Most Begrudging, is refreshing and entertaining in a genre where you may think you have read it all.

It's 1643 and a ship arrives in the new colony of Virginia, filled with women known as "tobacco brides", hoping to snare a husband and a chance for a new life.....except one Lady Constance Morrow, transported against her will and desperate to return to England.

After a humiliating experience as the brides were purchased, Constance finds herself at the home of Drew O'Connor, the only single man in Virginia who does not want a wife, especially one with without any practical skills in cooking or home making. Drew cannot fathom a woman who is beautiful yet argumentative, intelligent yet impractical and claims to be the daughter to an earl!

This book is beautifully written transporting the reader to the New World with rich and colourful descriptions of the scenery and culture. The dialogue between Constance and Drew is both witty and enthralling as they grapple with genuine emotions and social constraints. If you choose historicals sparingly, as I do, make sure Deeanne Gist's books make the cut!

Deeanne has a fabulous website so check out her sequel,
The Measure of a Lady which I will review soon!


Anonymous said...

I have about 1/4 to go until I'm finished this one. I enjoy it as well. Good to see another person willing to try historical fiction.


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