Friday, 29 December 2006

Sands of Time by Susan May Warren

4 Stars

Susan May Warren's sequel to In Sheep's Clothing, the first in her Mission: Russia series, centres around Russian FSB officer, Roman Novick and American missionary doctor, Sarai Curtiss, both entangled in a murderous political coup and the theft of unused Russian uranium.

Both Roman and Sarai are nursing broken hearts from their failed relationship thirteen years ago. Sarai has since become a medical saviour to the families in Irkutsk, Siberia, opening a clinic to help the sick and share her faith. Her dedication to her cause places her in extreme danger when she fails to save a little boy dying of an unknown sickness and then as all foreigners are ordered to leave. At the request of Sarai's brother, Roman defies his superiors and travels to Irkutsk, knowing Sarai will reject his efforts to protect her but unable to let her become trapped.

Sands of Time is another fast paced novel, although a little less intense than its prequel in the initial chapters. Roman and Sarai are appealing characters despite Sarai's reckless disregard for her own safety. Their interaction is just right, drawing on the strain of their parting, years earlier, and the attraction that remains. Susan May Warren's time as a missionary in Russia is evidenced by her knowledge of the political issues and Russian society which she has put to good use, transporting the reader to the cold and barren wilderness of Far East Russia and personalising the Russian characters. Readers will enjoy Vicktor Shubnikov's (In Sheep's Clothing) cameo appearance and I certainly hope there are more books to come in this entertaining romantic suspense series!


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