Monday, 25 June 2007

All The Tea in China by Jane Orcutt

Publicly slighted by her so called friends in English society in Oxford, Isabella Goodrich is so humiliated that stowing away with the livestock on a ship bound for China, is her preferred option!

Phineas Snowe, the mysterious missionary Isabella hopes to join evangelising the lost, is horrified when Isabella is found, delirious, weakened and in a very odorous state. He devises a plan to protect Isabella with every intention of hoisting her off the ship at the next port. Isabella's journey is filled with intrigue, swordplay, danger and language lessons but can she prove to Phineas that God's plan for her lies in the beauty of the Orient?

Jane Orcutt's final novel, published posthumously, is delightful and its description as a Rollicking Regency is perfect. Isabella is an endearing character, well educated yet naive, adept in swordplay but not in social scheming, funny and devoted. Jane has cleverly drawn Phineas, flawed and unappealing yet as his desire to serve the people of China and God is revealed, the reader is drawn to his passionate and caring heart. The dialogue is snappy and fun, the scenery and culture beautifully described and the message of love and forgiveness is gentle and reassuring. All The Tea in China will not disappoint but if you need a further reason to buy this wonderful book, all proceeds will be assisting Jane's husband and sons as they come to terms with the loss of Jane, a loving wife and mother and one very talented author.

I have read the following books of Jane's and can highly recommend them all:~

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Restoration and Romance (Compilation)


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