Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Diva NashVegas by Rachel Hauck

Like to get in to the mind of a country music superstar? Rachel Hauck lets you do just that in her witty and engaging novel, Diva NashVegas.

Inside NashVegas, a local television show, snares a sure ratings winner ~ the as yet untold story of the notoriously famous, yet equally private, Aubrey James. When a vindictive former band member dishes the dirt on Aubrey's personal life to the international press, Aubrey's management convinces her to open up to Inside Nash Vegas interviewer, Scott Vaughan ~ a man more comfortable with baseball bats than guitars, and the baggage of a disastrous once only date with the diva herself!

While her fans hope for a glimpse into what makes Aubrey James tick, Scott's questions initiate her own quest of self discovery and a journey towards healing, love and redemption.

Rachel Hauck's vibrant, imperfect and captivating characters make this novel so wonderfully entertaining. Aubrey is brash, confident and all that makes a true diva yet Rachel has infused her with a vulnerability that makes her real. From her fiancee to her manager, best friend and step-mum, all the characters have substance and I found their quirks and the roles they play in Aubrey's life downright fascinating! The novel is interspersed with the interviews between Scott and Aubrey and rather than being a distraction, they provide authenticity and interest, very effectively revealing the inner Aubrey. Thankfully Rachel does not shy away from the many pitfalls of a celebrity life nor does she compromise the message of God's forgiveness. Diva NashVegas is a unique look at the country music world as well as a fascinating character study, overflowing with great banter, genuine characters and true joy.


Tamara Leigh said...


This sounds terrific! Thanks for passing it on.

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