Friday, 8 June 2007

Veil of Fire by Marlo Schalesky

In 1894, the town of Hinckley, Minnesota was forever changed by a rampaging fire that struck without warning. Marlo Schalesky weaves a compelling and moving story around that tragic historical event, with tenderness and lyrical artistry.

Josef, Ellie,
Lars and Arla's lives take a twist they never thought possible when the Hinckley conflagration consumes buildings, stock and people indiscriminately. Fear, pain, hope and love all rise up from the ashes as they wonder how to move on. God's faithfulness and protection is called into question by some, while others cling to their faith in the face of such tragedy.

As the community attempts to restore their lives, another is hoping a dark and sinister secret has been laid to rest underneath the blackened landscape.

The impact of Veil of Fire is lasting and heartfelt. That the fire actually took place, killing 418 people in four hours, contributes to the book's punch but no less is Marlo's beautiful abilities as a wordsmith. She has crafted a tale that engages the heart with her appealing and compelling characters and activates the mind with a mystery that remains satisfyingly unresolved until the final chapter. I was so impressed with this novel that I have nominated it for my book club to read later this year!


marlo said...

Thanks so much for the review of my book, Veil of Fire! I hope readers will check it out. And I wanted to let readers know that Cook (my publisher) is running a special through the end the July with a live author interview for bookclubs (see for details on that) and also a special introductory bargain price for everyone. And, I love hearing from readers. So, I hope readers will visit my website at and drop me note telling me what they thought of Veil of Fire! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marlo and Rel,

I have read both Veil of Fire and Beyond the Night and loved them both. Have loaned the book to a number of friends who have just loved it too, they are now hooked. Good luck with the baby and any future writing (if you manage to find some time). I loved the twists, turns and the unexpected ending of Beyond the night. I cried heaps in both books!


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