Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wedding Bell Blues by Linda Windsor

Publisher's Synopsis:~

Alex Butler is a successful home decorator who thinks she has finally gotten her life together. But when the man who broke her heart sixteen years ago returns to Piper Cove to be the best man in her sister's wedding, and appears to have changed his ways, Alex can't escape the butterflies in her stomach every time she sees Josh around town. But Alex can't be distracted now... her family has enlisted her to make this the wedding of the century. To pull the shindig off, she pools the talents of her three best friends – Jan, who creates desserts to die for and will help with the cake and catering, tomboy Ellen, who works at a family–run landscaping business and will handle the flowers and decorations, and Sue Anne, who can...well, Suzie Q can pinch hit for Alex while she is tied up renovating an old Victorian for her sister's wedding gift.

When Alex discovers Josh living in a construction trailer next to the house she is remodeling, she feels like fate is telling her something. As the wedding approaches, and the Butler family faces a threat to their solid reputation, will Alex and Josh be able to resist the forces that seem to be drawing them together?

My thoughts:~

Linda Windsor has long been a favourite author of mine, penning humourous tales of spunky women looking for love and finding mishaps and adventure along the way. Wedding Bell Blues is no exception. Alex is a heartwarming mix of independence and loyalty, the latter holding her back from stepping away from her father's domineering presence in her life. When Josh Fraser shattered her heart and their wedding vows sixteen years earlier her devoted friends, Suzie, Ellen and Jan flew in to protection mode and with Josh's sudden reappearance, her friends once again take on their guardian roles.

Wedding Bell Blues
is a vibrant and fun story with plenty to love about the characters and setting. Alex learns transformation is possible and a future she thought lost may still be on the horizon, if she can get past her hurt and fear. Without a doubt, Linda has drawn me in with one story to the lives of the women of Piper Cove and it is with great anticipation I look forward to Ellen's story, a Harley riding, practical woman and absolutely no time for romance, in the 2008 release of For Pete's Sake.

The Piper Cove Chronicles are published by Avon Inspire.


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