Saturday, 1 September 2007

Aussie Giveaway ~ Sushi for One?

Told you I had a good one coming up!!! Read the first chapter of Sushi for One? in my post below and if it takes your fancy, post a comment for a chance to win one of two copies of Camy's fabulous book.

The draw closes on Thursday 6th September, 2007 but there is a catch ~ tell me either your favourite Chinese dish or the weirdest thing you have ever eaten!

Aussie addresses only please :)

US and Canadian readers ~ you still have the chance to enter the draw for a copy of Karen Kingsbury's Just Beyond the Clouds ~ click
here and then post to enter :)


Camy Tang said...

Fav Chinese dish - those deep fried lobster balls formed around crab claws. I mean, deep-fried, lobster, crab--what's not to like???

Anonymous said...

does fried ice cream count?? :) please enter me because i would like to give a copy of this to my asian friend, lex! :D

Julia said...

I think my favourite Chinese food would have to be sweet and sour pork. YUM!
Please enter me!
itsmyemail (at)

ausjenny said...

Please enter me this books sounds so good i want to read more
ok i am a fussy eater but i do like the honey chicken i have had at a chinesse restaurant.

AshleyR said...

I like chinese food. I really like the fried rice.My favorite chinese restaurant is China Moon in Chattanooga, Tn they are very good.YUM!!!

Enter me Please for this book! Thanks!!

Tracy said...

Pop my name in that draw too please?!

Wierdest thing: Chickens feet. They taste ok but the bones are just not worth it.

My favourite Chinese dish??? Hmmm...just one????

I love Yum Cha and Steamboats, as a banquet for a whole meal.

As for singular dishes, roast sweet pork buns...and then I really like my own Chinese I'm afraid. I have really GOOD recipe books sooo....
Spicy Pork Spare Ribs
Beef with Oyster Sauce
Singapore Noodles
Marinated Chicken Wings
Lionshead Meatballs
What can I say, any recipe I've tried out of the newest book I have has been just great.

ad said...

This book sounds good so please add my name to the list ,thanks. My favourite dish is a toss up between lemon chicken or beef black bean with fried rice of course.

angela said...

Hi Rel, please add my name to the hat. I enjoyed reading the first chapter, thanks.

The wierdest thing I've eaten was recently in Laos - a lemongrass dish that had buffalo fat in it.

fiona said...

The book sounds fantastic, count me in please. My favourite chinese dish is lemon chicken.

Leola said...

This book sounds great - please add me to the draw! Favourite dish ... curry laksa.

Naomi said...

What a great book. Please enter me in the comp. My favourite Chinese Dish is Kwai Teow (not sure of the spelling) and one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten was in Singapore. It was called Century Egg or something like that. It was a black egg that had been marinated in horses urine (perhaps it wasn't black before it was marinated LOL). I can't remember what it tasted like. Perhaps I have blocked the memory for a good reason.

Jen said...

Please enter me Rel. I love most Chinese dishes, fav being lemon chicken, or sweet and sour, or honey chicken with cashews, etc, etc, etc. Weirdest thing I have eaten would have to be a dish I had in Malaysia, made up of intestines! DOnt think I want to try it again but it was ok. Ate lots of other things there that I have no idea what they were!

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