Monday, 3 September 2007

MaryLu Tyndall's The Restitution Blog Tour

MaryLu Tyndall's Pirate trilogy has been one of my favourite reads so I am delighted to be hosting day 3 of her blog tour, celebrating the release of the final thrilling instalment, The Restitution.

If you are unsure whether romance on the high seas is your cup of tea then check out my reviews by clicking on the titles below and let's see if I can convince you otherwise:~

The Re

The Reliance

I have reviewed The Restitution for which will be available soon, but here is a sneak peek:~

"The Restitution is another ride on the high seas that should not be missed.
MaryLu Tyndall weaves an unlikely love story against a backdrop of treachery, secrecy and revelations of faith and pulls it off magnificently..........With action aplenty, a thrilling ending and twists throughout the story, The Restitution is a fitting ending to this innovative story of rogues and redemption."

MaryLu and I recently had a "chat" and here's a taste of our interview:~

If you were casting actors for a movie of The Redemption and The Reliance , who would you choose?

Captain Merrick: Clive Owen
Lady Charlisse: Charlize Theron
Kent: Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST)
Isabel: Jennifer Garner

I know you are a huge fan of Pirates of the Carribbean movies! Favourite character and why? Favourite line, please.

Captain Jack Sparrow, of course.

Commodore Norington: “You are without a doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of.”
Jack Sparrow: “But you have heard of me.”

Please share some of your writing/publishing journey with us. My road to getting published is a bit of an interesting tale and certainly one unlike any I’ve heard of before. I would have to classify it as a miraculous intervention by Almighty God.

To read more about MaryLu's publishing journey and her new project, click here.

Hope you enjoy the tour :)


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