Saturday, 6 October 2007

Rematch by Erynn Mangum

The enchanting matchmaker Lauren Holbrook is back, better than ever in the sequel to the brilliant Missmatch!

Riding the wave of her successful pairing of her work colleague and Bible Study leader, Lauren sets her sights on her hapless single friends, confident she can lead them into their happily ever after.

While consuming copious amounts of coffee and cheesecake, Lauren plots to bring her favourite barrista, Shawn into both wedded bliss with newcomer, Hallie and belief in God, preferably in reverse order!

Lauren's life is suddenly complicated when her widowed Dad announces he is off to a singles retreat, Meet Your Match in Michigan, construction worker Ryan Palmer causes flutters in her stomach when he smiles and then there is Brandon Knox, her best buddy in the whole world without a girl of his own ~ what's a girl to do?!

Erynn Mangum has done it again! Rematch is wonderful, replete with sparkling wit, gregarious and uplifting characters and a story that will leave you with a happy heart. Lauren's stellar voice continues to shine brightly and despite her meddling, you can't help but love her. Her naivety in her own love life is delightful and I can't wait to see how Erynn resolves that. Lauren's friends and family are just as appealing each epitomising integrity yet with enough foibles to be realistic. The final scene is a treasure ~ a secret mission with code names Vizzini and Inigo was the icing on the cake! All that was left for me to do was close the book and watch Pride & Prejudice, which I did. Read Rematch and you will understand why! This is one of those unique books that can be read and enjoyed by anyone, from the teen years and beyond!

Rematch is available now from NavPress.


Tracy said...

I can't wait to read this one. I've not long since finished Missmatch and laughed my way through the book ~ even at 3am when insomnia drove me from my bed! It was absolutely delightful and was already looking forward to this sequel.

Just as well I've just bought 'Pride & Prejudice' on DVD, huh.

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