Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Restitution by MaryLu Tyndall

Romance, rivalry and revenge return to the high seas in MaryLu Tyndall's finale in her Legacy of The King's Pirates trilogy, The Restitution.

"I have not come to hurt you or to take you captive again."

Captain Kent Carlton, a pirate and a rogue, has been cursed by compassion and love when it comes to his feelings for Lady Isabel Ashton, a woman who feels nothing but disgust and derision for him. Kent knows he is deserving of her scorn for his unforgivable behaviour, taking what wasn't his and leaving her a broken and defiled woman.

"Where is your justice, God?"

Lady Isabel's life is shattered. As the mother of an illegitimate child, her beloved Frederick, her hopes of a good marriage and a return to noble status are dashed. She is the subject of gossip and ridicule and even her parents refuse to acknowledge their grandson. When Frederick is kidnapped, Isabel's last remnants of faith desert her and her soul is consumed with finding her son and destroying the man who took him away.

"All you need say is yes, Isabel. Then you can have not only these pearls, but my title, my wealth, my undying devotion..."

Another man seeks Isabel's hand, a man promising her all the things she treasures and has dreamed of. Isabel must choose between a passion she fails to understand or position and riches which will restore her lost honour.

The Restitution is another ride on the high seas that should not be missed.
MaryLu Tyndall weaves an unlikely love story against a backdrop of treachery, secrecy and revelations of faith and pulls it off magnificently.

Isabel is an appealing character whose love for her son and her attraction to his pirate father wars with her need to recover her dignity and respect in the fickle world of high society of the British aristocracy in Jamaica in the 1600's. Kent Carlton has spurned society and plundered his way to notoriety as a cruel and calculating pirate captain. His life is in turmoil as he realises his love for Isabel and the need for her forgiveness is the first time he has put the needs of another before his own.
With genuine writing, Kent does not transform overnight but continues to struggle to balance compassion for Isabel and the crueler nature he has worn for years. Isabel's faith is pushed to its limits when she finds herself alone with no protector other than the God she has railed against since the disappearance of her son. With action aplenty, a thrilling ending and twists throughout the story, The Restitution is a fitting ending to this innovative story of rogues and redemption.

The Restitution is available now from Barbour.

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