Friday, 12 October 2007

Off The Record by Elizabeth White

Judge Laurel Kincaid is determined to be the first female Chief Justice ever appointed to the Alabama Supreme Court but her focus is thrown off kilter when journalist Cole McGaughan asks her for a dinner date during the most important press conference of her career.

Cole McGaughan is hoping to fast track his own career from religious reporter to political reporter with the new York Daily Journal and reporting the battle to win the seat on the Alabama Supreme Court may be the ticket he needs to achieve that.

Laurel has built her reputation as a judge determined to uncover the truth and a as woman of utmost integrity, committed to her faith and upholding family values. Her opponent in the judicial race is determined to win by fair means or foul and Cole has the ammunition to destroy Laurel's campaign and ensure his future as a journalist.

Off The Record oozes with the Southern charm, sublime humour and excellent characterization which mark all of Elizabeth White's books. Laurel's blue blood family provide plenty of entertainment and Cole's concern over his young brother Tucker, reveals more of his character. Elizabeth White extends the appeal of this book by revealing the dirty politics that go hand in hand with judicial nominations, adding interest and intrigue. The interplay between the dedicated Laurel and Cole, a man balancing his career goals and his new found faith, sparkles and their attraction is electric. Being in the legal profession myself, I found it a little far fetched that a thirty-two year old woman would be seeking nomination as Chief Justice but this did no take away from my enjoyment of this delightful story. All of Elizabeth White's books can be found on my bookshelf and Off The Record will join them.

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Clair said...

I just read this book and enjoyed it. Some of the things in the story seemed a bit farfetched, though.

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