Friday, 6 June 2008

Coming soon from David C Cook

I'm always excited to read about new fiction and David C Cook have some amazing books releasing later in the year. David C Cook is a publishing house not afraid to push the envelope! You will see my reviews of Leave It To Chance, In the Shadow of Lions and Zora & Nicky soon but here's a preview of some others:~

A Beautiful Fall by Chris Coppernoll

High-powered Boston attorney Emma Madison is celebrating her latest courtroom victory when she gets a call from a number she doesn't recognize. Area code 803 home. Juneberry, South Carolina eight hundred miles, twelve years, and a lifetime away from Boston. Emma's father has had a serious heart attack. Emma rushes to his bedside, and a weekend trip threatens to become an extended stay. She
has to work fast to arrange the affairs of his small-town law practice so she can return to her life and career in Boston.

And then Michael Evans shows up.

They'd shared hopes, dreams, and a passionate love as young college students during a long-ago summer. But Emma walked away from Michael and from Juneberry to finish college and start a new life. Michael has never forgotten her.
Enveloped in the warmth of family and small-town life and discovering that she still cares for Michael, Emma knows she'll have to make a choice between the career she's worked so hard to build and the love she left behind.

Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney

If a miracle happened to you, wouldn't you tell everyone? What if they thought you were

Poor in health but rich in faith, Gina Merritt a young, broke, African American single mother sits in a pew on Ash Wednesday and has a holy vision. When it fades, her palms are bleeding. Anthony Priest, the junkie sitting beside her, instinctively touches her when she cries out, but Gina flees in shock and pain. Anthony, a prize-winning journalist before drugs destroyed his career, is flooded with a sense of well-being and knows he is cured of his addiction. Without understanding why, Anthony follows Gina home to find some answers. Together they search for an understanding to this miraculous event, and along the way they cross paths with a skeptical evangelical pastor, a gentle Catholic priest, a certifiable religious zealot, and an oversized transvestite drug dealer, all of whom lend their opinion. It's a quest for truth, sanity, and grace . . . and an unexpected love story.

The Feast of Saint Bertie by Kathleen Popa

Roberta Denys thought it would be relatively simple to abandon her affluent Silicon Valley lifestyle and pursue a holy, devout monasticism a life she'd dreamed of since childhood but set aside in favor of marriage and family. Now, having nursed her husband through a lengthy illness, Bertie watches her home burn to the ground on the day of his funeral the work of an arsonist and she knows it is time to go.

And so she goes, moving into a tiny shed in the Santa Cruz Mountains. But with the arsonist still at large and her grown son suspiciously missing, Bertie finds it difficult to leave her world behind, especially with a cell phone that continues to ring, a meddling best friend, and quirky neighbours who insist on invading her solitude. As she struggles to find peace, Bertie learns things about her old life she never wanted to know, and it leaves her with a nagging question: Should she be seeking God, or her lost son?


Carole said...

Thank you for these reviews, Rel. I'm very interested in a couple of them and would probably have never heard of them but for you!

Dawn said...

I'm looking forward to A Beautiful Fall!

C.J. Darlington said...
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