Thursday, 5 June 2008

Dee Henderson's True Courage renovated!

Dee Henderson's True Courage has a new title and cover. I was so hoping for a new story from Dee when I saw this cover - I'll just have to settle for reading the O'Malley series for the 10th time - LOL!


FBI agent Luke Falcon is searching desperately for his cousin's abducted wife and son. Afraid that a stalker is responsible and that perhaps they're already dead, he's prepared to do
anything to get them back alive---but falling love with the only witness wasn't part of his plan! Previously published as True Courage.

Kidnapped releases from Tyndale House in October, 2008


Deborah said...

this is so misleading b/c when i originally saw this on amazon i thought it was a new dee henderson book! personally i hate re releases with new titles, new covers are ok but i bet a lot of people will buy this and then realize they've already read this book.

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