Wednesday, 4 June 2008

From A Distance by Tamera Alexander

It's 1875 and Elizabeth Westbrook is single, thirty-two years old and pursuing a career as a photojournalist. No wonder she told her daddy she was heading to the Colorado Territory to be a teacher!

Determined to prove her talent despite scepticism and ridicule, Elizabeth is desperate to find a guide to take her and her dedicated assistant, Josiah, to the magnificent beauty of the pristine mountains and the cliff dwellings of the Ute tribe. The only man with the necessary experience shuns the world, haunted by his role as a sharpshooter in the Civil War and the later death of his best friend. Despite living a reclusive life in the mountains, Daniel Ranslett can't shake his southern upbringing and when Elizabeth's life is threatened he does what any gentleman would do, surely it couldn't be anything more!

Tamera Alexander has woven her magic again, drawing me back in time to the Colorado Territory with an intriguing plot, charming characters and a compelling love story. From A Distance has everything you expect in a traditional historical romance but Tamera adds that something special which elevates her stories high above the usual fare. Sparkling dialogue, beautiful scenery and the poignancy of Josiah's back story round out this fabulous start to a new series. Tamera already has me intrigued with the minor characters who are ready to take centre stage in the following Timber Ridge Reflection series.

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Unknown said...

Nice review, Rel. This one is a finalist! You made it past the first cut. :) congrats.

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