Monday, 23 July 2007

Remembered by Tamera Alexander

A mother's dying request finds Frenchwoman, Veronique Girard, making an arduous journey across the Atlantic to the Colorado Territory in search of the father she has grieved for all her life.

Jack Brennan believes it is time to leave behind his memories and his work as a trail guide and settle down in Willow Springs. His new work as a freighter demands a strong and well crafted wagon but when he discovers his commissioned wagon has been sold to another bidder, a foreign woman no less, hitting the road again suddenly has more appeal.

Tamera Alexander has created another wonderful historical tale, rich in detail with characters full of life and heart. Veronique and Jack's relationship is beautifully drawn as they attempt to carve out new lives in the fledgling township of Willow Springs. Readers will enjoy cameo appearances by many of Tamera's characters from Rekindled and Revealed. Tamera continues to pen stories that are poignant, enthralling and downright enjoyable and Remembered is no exception. I look forward to From A Distance, the first in Tamera's Timber Ridge Reflections, releasing mid 2008.


Cee Cee said...

I just love her books!

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