Thursday, 26 July 2007

All I'll Ever Need by Harry Kraus

Dr Claire McCall has her eyes fixed on her wedding plans and her life with future husband, John Cerelli. John is slowly recovering from his devastating motor vehicle injuries and together they are determined to embrace their future and no longer allow Claire's diagnosis of Huntington's Disease to impact the present. While Claire is relishing her job medical practice at the Stoney Creek Family Practice Clinic despite its demanding nature she finds her nights are bound by fear due to her near rape. While her attacker is in jail, she is sleeping with a gun and hiding her irrational fears from John and her mother.

When her beloved medical career is threatened by an allegation of assisted suicide, Claire's life spirals out of control and despair and fear take control. John appears to be hiding something about a female work colleague and Claire's trust in him starts to erode. Their relationship frays as quickly as Claire's emotional state worsens. Matters are not helped by Wally McCall's physical and mental deterioration from the ravages of Huntington's Disease and Claire begins to experience regressive memories about her father that threaten to destroy her family forever. Claire's nerves are stretched to breaking point when she discovers a dead body and she is soon linked to the crime.

Harry Kraus's third tale of Dr Claire McCall, following on from the excellent Could I Have This Dance? and For the Rest of My Life, sheds more light on Claire McCall's family and the destructive consequences of the incurable Huntington's Disease upon the sufferer and their family. It is a relational drama, suspense novel and mini-medical text rolled into one book!
I was somewhat frustrated by Claire's never ending embroilment in one tragedy after another and John's inability to see the inherent danger in his friendship with a work colleague. Despite this, the story is well written and Kraus has developed his characters well, his writing bringing readers' sympathies to the fore with emotive prose and appealing characters. The side story relating to Claire's mother as she struggles with an institutionalised husband while she remaining a vibrant and attractive woman is fascinating.

Harry Kraus' medical experience gives the medical information authenticity and provides much needed insight into the debilitating condition that is Huntington's Disease. The mystery keeps the reader guessing and Claire's own sleuthing is interesting to follow. Intertwined with all the action is a message of grace, faith and hope. All up a good addition to this series.


Unknown said...

I've read the first two, but didn't know about picking up this one...thanks for your thoughts:-)

Such great work you do, fellow bookworm!!

CeeCee said...

Rel is top-notch!

Rel said...

Shucks! You are very kind :)


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