Thursday, 19 July 2007

Bad Connection by Melody Carlson

Samantha McGregor has a special gift, a gift from God her dad used to say. This special gift is the gift of visions. Samantha had thought she had lost her gift, until she had a vision about a wild girl who loved to party and never followed the rules. She is Kayla Henderson and she needs some help because she is in big trouble.

Kayla Henderson has gone missing and everyone thinks she will be fine, after all this is something she would do. Samantha didn't think much of it either, she just thought Kayla needed a break and would be back soon. Especially since she is constantly fighting with her parents and has been talking about meeting her online boyfriend.

Samantha doesn't know what to do so she goes to Detective Ebony Hamilton, her fathers old colleague. Ebony and Sam now have to put the pieces of the puzzle together so they can find Kayla. Where could she be?

Melody Carlson is one of my favourite authors and once again she has delivered an exiting and thoroughly enjoyable book. As well as being a great read, Bad Connection shows a different way that God can use us to do amazing things. It is awesome to see Melody Carlson write about an unusual gift that God could give to anyone.

I love the fact that the main character is not an adult, but is an average teenage girl and that she is able to use her gift for good. The last chapter had me at the edge of my seat, just itching to read the sequel, Beyond Reach. Both books are now available from Multnomah.

Guest YA Reviewer and teen herself: Chloe~Anne


Anonymous said...

Melody is a brilliant and unique writer!! I love her Diary of a Teenage Girl books still though I'm beginning to rack up the years away from being a teenager myself. :) I'm interested in anything she writes purely because she comes up with such relevant stuff!!

Fiona said...

Great review, Chloe-Anne!!

Jaana said...

What an unusual but fascinating concept!

Davo said...

Well done, great review Chloe-Anne!

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