Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Legend of the Firefish by George Bryan Polivka

Pirate Captain Scat Wilkins wants to fill his coffers to overflowing if only he can locate and subdue the legendary Firefish whose meat is worth more than gold.

Disgraced swordsman Packer Throme finds himself back in the fishing village he once called home determined to restore his father's honour and the fortunes of Hangman's Cliffs and other villages like it.

Panna Seline is tired of waiting for Packer to keep his promise to marry her but when he returns only to immediately depart on a fool's mission, Panna can no longer bear the compliant woman she has become.

The Legend of the Firefish is an exceptional tale and the start of a very promising series. George Bryan Polivka's kingdom of Nearing Vast is well drawn and the characters both engaging and confronting. The avaricious Scat Wilkins, his unkempt and devoted crew, the sleek Trophy Chase and the wild seas leap off the pages to the extent I could smell the salty air and feel the rise and fall of the ship. Polivka surprises with the calculating Talon, Scat's brutal female security officer and Packer, with his constant internal conflict - both characters are unique yet resonated deeply.

The pace is gripping, the battles at sea within and beyond the Trophy Chase leave you breathless and the spiritual message is powerful and moving. This book has broad appeal and should not be missed for those who love a sterling action tale that more than satisfies. Thankfully the sequel, The Hand That Bears The Sword, has just released in the US from Harvest House.


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