Thursday, 19 July 2007

Lovers of Vegemite unite!

Okay, my Aussie readers you must visit author Donna Fleisher's blog here and read her most recent post after a brave attempt tasting our wonderful spread, Vegemite, after I sent her some samples to satisfy her curiosity!

I am glad to say that although curiosity killed the cat, Donna has survived her experience - just!

While you are there check out Donna's fantastic book trailers for her Homeland Heroes series. The final instalment, Standing Strong releases in October, 2007. I can't wait :)


aussietigger1980 said...

i left her a comment :)

donna fleisher said...

You guys don't like pumpkin pie???

Cee Cee said...

Just doesn't sound appetizing.

Rel said...

Yep, vegetables should not be made into dessert, Donna!!! There are culinary rules, you know - LOL!!!!

Cee Cee - you probably mean vegemite but I am going to assume you mean pumpkin pie!!!!!!

C.J. Darlington said...

Oh, guys, you're missing out. Pumpkin pie is really good. :)

donna fleisher said...

Pumpkin pie, sweet potatoe pie, carrot cake, rice pudding (is rice a veggie?), tomato jelly, corn bread with honey, celery and peanut butter ... YES, PEANUT BUTTER ... all make delightful desserts. Swirl some Cool Whip all over ...

So what do you swirl on Vegemite?

You do know I am going to give this one more go. I'll be sure and give you a full report after the conference. (I just know Camy will love it. Did you see her most recent blog entry? Scallion pancakes??)

Hey! Another great veggie dessert!

: )

Rel said...

I did see Camy's pancakes! Be sure to take a photo when you do the vegemite taste test!

Umm....what is Cool Whip? I do know peanut butter and celery though - yum!

Let's see, Vegemite in sandwiches goes very nicely with cheese!!

For a real dessert you will need to come to Oz and I will make you pavlova - extra yum!

donna fleisher said...

Pavola ... even sounds delightful.

Okay, so what kind of cheese goes best with Vegemite? American? ; )

And no wonda y'all from down unda don't like pumpkin pie if ya don't know what Cool Whip is!??! The two go together like ... peanut butter and jelly.

Okay, Cool Whip is the frothy, delightfully sweet, brilliant white ... stuff ... that you plop down on things like brownies, pumpkin pie, any kind of pie, a hot fudge sundae ... etc. But be sure and don't confuse Cool Whip for Miracle Whip. Two totally different "Whips." : )

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