Monday, 16 July 2007

More Aussie Giveaways.....

Reviews have been a bit slow in coming at Relz Reviewz lately due to winter illnesses so I thought a giveaway or two would brighten things up! Do not fear, books are being read so the reviews will be coming soon.

Post a comment on or before midnight on Friday 20th July to enter the draw (only if you have an Aussie postal address, please) to win a copy of:~

Tribulation House by Chris Well

The Root of all Evil by Brandt Dodson.

Lovers of
suspense, intrigue and dry wit will enjoy these stories, especially men.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rel!

Sorry to hear that you have been sick! Hope you are on the mend! Thanks for your note a while back...I too enjoy my name over here, as it is unknown to most folks! From on 'rel' to another....Get well soon!


aussietigger1980 said...

Well, I guess that's my sis above. :)

Please enter me in your draw for these books! :D

Julia said...

Hey, I would love to be entered for this draw!
itsmyemail (at)

Davo said...

Have Tribulation house on my TBR shelf but would love to add The Root of all Evil, please add me into the draw!

Jesterhawk said...


Please enter me in the contest to get those two cool books.

Love in Christ,

Tracy said...

Hi Rel

Could you put my name in the 'hat' for both books too please?



Rel said...

Hey :)

Thanks everyone for dropping by.

Narelle - great to hear from you and yep, feeling a bit better now thanks.

Enjoy your day everyone!

angela said...

I would love my name to be added to the hat for both books. Thanks!

So Many Books... said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Danielle said...

Please add my name to your hat!!

As one who is just coming out the other side of the flu, I feel your pain my friend! Get well soon!


{I'm eagerly checking the mail each day for the book from the states. Thank you so much! :)}

ad said...

I would love you to enter my name in the draw for both books please.

Cee Cee said...

Oh, Rel, you are such a trooper. Get well soon! Hugs.

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