Thursday, 25 August 2011

Character Spotlight ~ Gina Holmes' Eric Yoshida

Character Spotlight

Due to the success of Gina Holmes' debut novel, Crossing Oceans, her September release Dry As Rain has been greatly anticipated.  Enjoy meeting her latest protagonist, Eric Yoshida.

Over to you, Gina:~

Brief physical description

Eric Yoshida, half-Japanese, half-caucasian. Attractive forty-five

Actor/famous person

No one I can think of. He was a hard one to find a picture on that I was satisfied with. He’s in my mind though.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths-hard worker, loves his family, good friend, fair boss.

Weaknesses: workaholic, reactive, jumps to wrong conclusions.

Quirk (if any)

He knows what he wants and yet constantly does the opposite. For instance, he loves the ocean, but he moves his family away from it to give them a McMansion in the suburbs because he thinks that’s what he ought to do to be a good provider.

Your inspiration for the character

I just climbed inside the skin of a man who was tempted and stumbled and tried to discover what would cause him to do that.

Background to the story

Eric and Kyra Yoshida have been married two decades, growing slowly apart one misunderstanding and unkind word at a time until they finally separate. Kyra is involved in a car crash and a concussion causes her to lose parts of her memory, including the memory of the chasm between her and Eric. When she begins to look at him again with eyes of love, Eric realizes he still loves her too. But he’s already committed the unthinkable—infidelity. Eric takes his second chance to win back her heart, before her memory returns.

Thanks Gina ~ sounds like a great story :)

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Deborah said...

Asian characters? YAY!!!!!!!!

Loren said...

I am beyond excited for Gina's book! Crossing Oceans has been my favorite and I'm not sure anything has compared to it since!

Great interview, Thanks :)

Judy said...

I too loved Crossing Oceans..what a great book! I am so looking forward to reading "Dry As Rain". I know it is going to be another great one for Gina!!

Loved the interview!

Nicole said...

Can't wait for this one.

Casey said...

I echo the words of Loren!

I started this one last night and already LOVE it! I want to go get lost in the story instead of working on my own writing. :)

Thanks for the spotlight, very fun!

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks everyone. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great spotlight!! I read this last month (Netgalley) and I was so impressed by the real life quality in Gina's work. At first I didnt like Eric, I was so mad at him but then by the end I loved him.

I kept seeing that guy from Lost while I was reading it....

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