Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pure Enjoyment!

One of my favourite publishers is B&H ~ as a blogger they are amazing to work with and as a reader their books are fabulous.   They also care a great deal about their authors and it shows. Watch this video and you will see what I mean :)  Then check out the author links below for more!

Visit their fabulous authors:

Ginny Yttrup ~ contemporary
James L Rubart ~ speculative
Jamie Carie ~ historical romance
Maj. Jeff Struecker ~ military thriller
John B Olson ~ speculative
Julie Carobini ~ contemporary romance
Kim & Kayla Woodhouse ~ romantic suspense
Leanna Ellis ~ contemporary
Pamela Ewen ~ contemporary
Patti Hill ~ contemporary
Robin Caroll ~ romantic suspense
TL Higley ~ historical
Tosca Lee ~ Biblical fiction
Tricia Goyer ~ Amish


Katie McCurdy said...

B&H is such an amazing publishing company. I hardly ever read a book by them that I didn't absolutely enjoy. It's awesome! I always look forward to new releases from them, sure to enjoy it!!

Mark said...

I love working with them also - was cool to see Julie on video - now I can attach a face to the name :-)

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